The Ultimate Guide to Becoming Your Own Healer

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*photo of Seeress, Deborah Hanekamp 'Mama Medicine', at the Mandali Retreat Center in Quarna Supra, Italy. 

Inner Peace. Spiritual Wellness. Natural Healing. Self-Care. 

Checking in here, how’s your regular self-care going? Are you feeling the feels more intensely as of late? The more appropriate question is, how are you staying mentally and spiritually healthy during this time? Have you found any tools to help heal and balance yourself? And yes, locking yourself in the closet does help to quiet down all the ‘noise’ but what I’m talking about here is beyond closed doors and concrete floors. What I’m speaking about is creating a moment in time with yourself that allows one to dive deep within to find the stillness and inner wisdom that lives in all of us.

Have you ever heard of a traditional healing ritual bath devised of cleansing and rebalancing yourself? Deborah Hanekamp, also known in the world as “Mama Medicine,” voted Vogue’s fashion’s favorite healer, and an internationally renowned seeress, healer, and shaman, has done us the incredible favor of combining her profound knowledge by writing her best-selling book ‘Ritual Baths’- Be Your Own Healer. The book has 60 bath recipes, 250 poetically enticing photographs along with information on auras, phases of the moon, crystals, herbal magic, and each element’s healing properties.

Continue reader for a mix of her ancient and traditional advice mixed with a little of my own flavor to help you create a ceremony for yourself. I’ve also added 3 of my favorite ritual baths from Mama Medicine’s book.

Let the ceremonies begin:

Part 1 – Choose which ritual bath is right for you. There is no right or wrong. Just go with what is calling to you, what piques your interest, what feels intuitive like ‘the one’! 

Part 2 – Dim your house lights, light your candles, and your Himalayan sea salt lamp. Start running your bath. Cleanse your energy with sage or palo santo. Hold your crystals or a feather and set an intention. Once your space is cleansed, place your crystals in your bath. Continue placing all the ingredients in the bath. (Remember this bath is all about your intention so don’t miss a beat, feel into everything you’re doing and creating. This is for You!)

Part 3 – Make this experience a ceremony. Start your prayers, to Father Sky, Mother Earth, Lord Our Savior, Ancestors from below, Angels from above, Spirits Guides and Teachers from our center. Call in the 4 directions; Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water and make amends with yourself. 

Part 4  – Step into your bath. Feel your breath. Let your emotions wash over you. Breathe into your stomach and let the breath flow up through your heart and fill it into your lungs, front, and back. Breathe in the intention you have set. Breathe out the tension you have stored. Relax your body into the water and release yourself into the depths of your soul’s wisdom. Heal. 

Part 5 – Close your ceremony by thanking and releasing all that you called in, one by one. Bless everything with gratitude for the healing you’ve received. Be so thankful for the for making your bath, your life, so darn special. 

You already have all the tools you need to be your own healer. Crystals, herbs, and even your bathtub are only external reminders of the consciousness you are putting into the work you do.” – Mama Medicine 

Mama Medicine’s Ritual Baths!

With all the baths Mama has created we’re in for a lifetime of honeysuckle healing! Some of my favorites along with their ingredients are listed below. 

*Please refer to the actual ‘Rituals Book’ for all info regarding the baths and their individual rituals.

Dream Medicine Bath – for our wild imaginations 


  • 3 cup Epson salt
  • A tub tea of mugwort, linden, violet, and calea zacatechchi
  • Pink and white rose petals 
  • 5 drops of violet and lilac, and 10 drops of rose essential oil
  • Amethyst and lemurian seed crystal

Full Moon Bath – for when we need some extra grounding down to help us release. 


  • 3 cup Epson salt
  • A tub tea of nettle and angelica
  • White sage leaves 
  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • Red and pink rose petals 
  • 3 drops of palo santo essential oil
  • Obsidian crystal

Divine Guidance Bath – for when we need extra strength to feel from my heart rather than our busy minds. “I’m can create space because I’m created of space.”


  • 1 cup Epson salt
  • Peonies
  • 1 cup red wine or apple cider vinegar
  • 10 drops of lavender  
  • 5 drops of sandalwood essential oils
  • Labradorite crystal 
  • Clear Quartz crystal 
  • Ruby crystal 

I hope you all know and love the inner healer, inner child, and inner self that resides in each and every one of us on this planet. May we all truly realize that we are our own heroes. 

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