Building A Happy Home And Healthy Mind With Janea Brown

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Blogger & influencer, Janea Brown is a great mentor for lifestyle vision correction. Janea pronounced “Juh-nay” is originally from North Carolina, but recently made a cross country move from New York City to Los Angeles. Janea tries to keep the difficulties of 2020 at bay, by focusing her vision on the things that really matter. She spends time with family, friends, and enjoys helping others. Read along for tips Janea shared on how to live your best life through a happy home + a healthy mind. 

Try New Things

Now is a great time to try something new… it is never too late! Janea is constantly trying new methods of home décor, baking, and planting.


She explains, “there will be hurdles along the way and things will not always be perfect the first time around. Through our failures, we will learn and do better”. A change can open new insights and turn pent up energy into creative activities.


Actively Seek Inspiration

Janea encourages us to overcome obstacles that block our vision. We can actively seek inspiration. For Janea this means, “setting aside a little time each week to actively (not mindlessly) sift through Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube videos or magazines for interior inspiration.” Finding inspiration makes the process of stepping out of our comfort zones a little bit easier.  


Plant parenting

Another way to improve vision is to bring plant life into your space. Janea believes in starting small if you are new to caring for plants. She suggests letting plants adjust to the new environment, not overwatering them, pouring water over the soil evenly, and ensuring there is good drainage. As for watering, Janea explains the need to actually touch the soil to determine the dryness. With patience, practice, and attentiveness, plants will thrive and their living energy will renew your space.